About Us

In a country that hosts countless weddings each year, Wedica’s passion lies in making your wedding stand out from pack. Armed with a fresh perspective and an innovative outlook, we specialize in incorporating culture and tradition into a modern and chic celebration. In order to make your wedding YOURS, we focus on getting to know you and your preferences in the initial stages itself. Starting with the engagement ceremony, we will handle all the arrangements; the various ceremonies, the catering, the entertainment, the wedding trousseau, photography and cinematography, etc. Our love and talent for what we do, allows us to pay attention to the smallest of details in order to turn your big day into one that you will undoubtedly cherish for the rest of your life. Despite our focus on weddings, Wedica, a full-fledged event management company, also specializes in planning corporate events, themed events, birthday parties or even smaller family parties. Our professional designers, caterers and photographers are here to ensure that your celebration is one for the memories.

Many dismiss the thought of hiring professionals to plan events, assuming that outside vendors are unnecessary and a waste of money. Well, we are here to tell you why you need us –

  • We exist primarily to reduce your stress levels and allow you to be excited and enjoy the celebration. Hosting an event is undeniably a taxing job – Wouldn’t it be nice being a guest at your own party?
  • Wedica’s wedding services are end-to-end which means beginning from the engagement celebrations and wedding cards till the reception function and the honeymoon travel arrangements, we will be there every step of the way to ensure that you thoroughly enjoy your special day.
  • As Wedica provides all services in-house, we offer you the option of highly customizing all the arrangements of your event according to your preferences.
  • Contrary to popular belief, hiring an agency will help you save money. How, you ask? As we finalize a budget in the initial stages itself, we make sure that all the arrangements stay within it. Furthermore, our contacts and expertise in the field allows for discounts that you wouldn’t normally be privy to.
  • Finally, with Wedica there to check and double-check every detail, you needn’t worry about any last minute slip-ups. We will make sure that you can and will enjoy the day thoroughly.